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Best Video Editor in Nashville

best video editor in nashville

video editor nashville

Are you looking for the best video editor in Nashville? Look no further than WMV Productions. We are your one stop shop video production company in Nashville, Tennessee that houses some amazing video editors that can edit, animate and create anything you need to make your video shine! From conception to scripting, storyboarding, producing, shooting, editing, motion graphics and animation, we are ready to tackle the post production video editing for your project.

We have a crew of the best video editors in Nashville to take your footage, picture and ideas and craft them into a well thought out video that you can post to your website, social media or to be used at corporate events. If you have corporate work, a convention coming up or just something personal that you need to have professional video editors work on, we have you covered.  Much like freelance video editors, our team is ready to work on your project immediately.

Video Editor in Nashville

There are varying degrees of video editing. As it goes with many of our clients, they know what they want, but they don’t know where to start. Do you need something simple? Do you want lots of motion graphics? Or maybe you want to have us actually shoot the footage we are going to edit as well.  Whatever your vision is, we can help walk you through the entire process.  Give one of our producers a call and they can answer any questions you may have about the video production process and maybe even give you a few easy ideas that you didn’t think of to make your video pop off the screen!

Nashville Video Footage

For many of our corporate clients coming to town for a trade show or event, they hire us to send a videographer (cameraman) to their event to capture the video footage so we can create a highlight reel for them.  A perk of hiring a Nashville video company is the large amount of stock footage we have of the major sites in Nashville.  So when we cut together the highlight reel, we can use the b-roll we have captured around town to enhance your video and make it memorable.  We film all the footage with our in-house crew and not freelance video editors to ensure the best quality during the post production process.

How to Send Your Footage to a Video Editor in Nashville

If you don’t need a videographer to film for you, just send your footage over and we can get started immediately.  There is several ways to get your footage to us. If you are a local to Nashville then you can just drop off a hard drive. If you live outside of Nashville or don’t have a huge amount of footage to send over, we can send you a special link via email to collect the footage.  You just click the link and then drop your footage off of your computer in to our online video folder.  Once it is uploaded a video editor can begin looking at the footage to become familiar with it.

video editor in Nashville computer screen

Best Video Editor in Nashville!

When we start to edit your video , we will keep you in the loop throughout the process. We understand that the video production process can be a little overwhelming. A video producer (aka project manager) will be managing the entire project making sure that you are not left in the dark as well as making sure that one of the best video editors in Nashville crafts your final video quickly and professionally.  Post production editing services have never been so easy!

Video Editor Revision Process

After one of our video editors finish editing your video, you will have an opportunity to review your video and make revisions.  We will send you a special link to watch and review your video on our video revision platform.  When you are watching your edited video can pause it at any time, click on the part of the video you want a revision made and leave a note for your video editor.  It is really easy and a ton more fun than trying to describe to someone on the phone what part you want changed.  It is as easy as clicking on the piece you want changed and typing in your notes.

Picture of the video editor revision platform

Video Editor Revision Platform Screenshot


How Do I Receive the Final Video From The Video Editor?

After all your notes and revisions are complete and you approve the video we will send you a link in your email to download your HD video ready to post to Facebook, Youtube or your company website. It’s that simple.  If you need help with any part of the uploading process our producers are happy to help you with the process.

Still have questions?  Feel free to give us a call OR check our Video Tips page. Our Video Tips are short and to the point videos answers to common video production questions.  Might be just what you are looking for.

WMV Productions is proud to be your choice when you need a video editor in Nashville or anywhere in the nation. (gotta love the internet right!)