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Where should you post your video? How do you increase views? What video services should you use? Here are some tips to get you started.

Where to Post Your Video Besides Your Site

Video is so big right now whether it is for business or pleasure and people are making and sharing more and more videos everyday.  After you create your next video masterpiece where should you post it to get the most views and sharing?

YouTube to post a videoYou already know how to post to YouTube, if not you can sneak over to our post solely devoted to how to get your postings on YouTube. Just because you know how to post onto YouTube does not mean you know everything there is to know about YouTube! Did you know that more video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60-day period than the three major US television networks created in 60 years. Digest that for a second.

If you are an average YouTube user you are spending on average twenty minutes a day on this site. Now you as a customer to YouTube, wouldn’t it just make sense to post your video there?! Have you ever thought about the first ever post to YouTube? Wait no longer, we found it!

Over 4.2 million views since this was posted in April 2005. Would you ever think a video of an elephant enclosure would get that much attention?

Enough about YouTube, lets talk about Vimeo. This is the second most viewed place for video distribution. Vimeo branches out to a significantly smaller audience, but it is because it is a different player for a different community. For professionals this might a better choice for you. There is less fluff! The people on Vimeo are usually not their to watch the newest cat video, but to engage in good quality content.  They focus more on high quality uploads and have a nice clean video player, which makes it a good player to host on your site if you want a custom branded solution that is not riddled with ads and pop-ups.

Where to post your videoVimeo also offers password protection if you want it. You can share with your friends, your company and your clients with out setting it to the public. Just like YouTube Vimeo is free to sign up to get the basic membership, but of course for better services the price goes up!

Google has also introduced its video solution known as Google Video.  Search for something on Google and click ‘video’ Google will craft it’s own results.  It pulls from every player around the web.  If you are looking to rank for specific keywords a great way to do this is to search for your keywords in Google, see all the video search results and figure out what players are serving the video.  If a Vimeo player is #1, then put you video there.  If a Viddler video is #2, go sign up for a Viddler account and get your content there.  Just watching what other people are doing is the best way to find places to share your videos onkine.

Video is only going to get bigger. If you are looking to create your own video for business we are always here to help.

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