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Did you know there are multiple ways to use a corporate video? Usually the best corporate videos reflect a brand or a project, and it helps engage the audience. Did you know that 5 pages on your website can fit into 3 short minutes of great quality video…I bet you never thought of it that way. So let’s now break it down and go through a few different ways to use a corporate video.

Did you ever think to use a corporate video as a recruitment video? It is the perfect way to demonstrate your Corporate Video producationculture, personality and really shows your company is in the 21st century. Why not create a video when you are looking to hire as a “day in the life” video. This doesn’t need to be an extravagant video but showcasing what you guys do at your company every day. This is a whole different approach to recruiting. Everyone looking for a job really wants to understand what it is like at the company so this gives them an inside look.

The reputation video is starting to pop up everywhere. Did something happen – positive or negative-  that was publicly known at your company? Creating a positive image video can help you fix your image to the world. Video plays an enormous part in your on-going reputation. Reputation is everything in business so creating a corporate video to showcase what you do will put you above the rest.corporate video production

Video can be used for several different purposes within your company. The best way to start is to think of what problems you can solve, what you can teach or what you can show off in a video.

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