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Everyone has been in a conference where they have a speaker and then they take out the computer and there is a powerpoint right on the screen for the next hour. All I can think is …boring! What if there was a way to create the same message but without the boring slides of powerpoints. Well WMV Productions has the answer for you. What about a screencast, flyover or better known now as a website presentation. This type of presentation can be used by both companies and just individuals. To give you a website presentationsbreakdown on what a website presentation or screencast is, it is a video that combines captured images and audio to explain what is happening on screen so whether you are trying to communicate an idea or how something works this could really be helpful to you.

Website presentations and screencast videos can be used for learning, explanations on how to use different programs or platforms, the options are limitless. We have done many different screencasts and flyovers for companies that are just launching their website and it comes out great and always gets the point across.

Screencasts and website presentations are also great in the classroom, it is a great way to get kids and young adults to get involved. Just think, if you are a teacher looking to engage your classroom tell your students to create a website presentation that goes with one of the topics you are working with, they will be able to learn while creating their website presentation as well as learn from other students as well.

Those people out there embarking on the long adventure which is crowdfunding this could help you too! We have used screencasts and flyovers as a way to create crowdfunding videos for many reasons and it really works. If we get a call from someone who is looking to launch a website, platform or an app on a cell phone this is the perfect way to show someone how to use that actual site. Website presentations are a little tricky to create on your own if you do not havwebsite presentations e any of the material made yet. We have been known to help create the images that would be shown on screen if there is nothing on their website yet. We are able to use programs to create how your website would look and to show people exactly what they would need to do when logging in or how to use your site.

A digital product is way more appealing when it is demonstrated and that is exactly what website presentation and screencast videos do for you. As produced videos might be out of your budget there are programs that you can use to create one. There are some tools to help you start your next website presentation, the first is Screenr. Screenr helps you share your screencast video over Twitter, creating your website presentation and being able to share it with a shortened link is always helpful. Overstream is also a tool you can use as a free screen capture software, this will  do a pretty good job helping you put your video together.

Whether you choose to create your website presentation on your own or have us help you is completely up to you but next time you think about how to put your message out there think of a website presentation, it is the next big way to get your point across.

If you need help give us a call we are a website presentation company and want  to help you with your next project. or 615-852-5869



 or 615-852-5869




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