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Understanding everything about the video production industry is a lofty goal to say the least. With much of today’s market centering around a new simple look to emphasize focus, there are several ways to go about achieving that look. One way is to use a shallow depth of field, but even that may leave you with a busy shot. So Nick is here to show you another simple industry practice you can use to easily make your next project look clean, professional, and distraction free!

Hi, I’m Nick from WMV Productions, a Video Production Company based in Nashville, Tennessee.  In this video I’m going to discuss what a white Cyclorama (or infinity wall) is and why you would want to use one.  We have all seen the beautiful apple commercials with Jony Ives, the president of Apple Computers design team.  Every video that apple releases feel so fresh, so new and so clean.  This very simple white background creates a very polished look that demands that people watch the person on camera and listen to what they are saying while giving you an amazing feeling of professionalism and young energetic emotion.  For that same reason, children tend to look amazing on this simple background and is also great for corporate videos aiming to achieve a polished professional look, but what is a white cyc exactly?

White CycloramaWell, really it is just a white wall that has a ton of light thrown on to it.  You can use a white blanket or wall to achieve this effect, but in a professional environment, there is usually an entire room that is painted white and built-in to a half circle with all the corners on the floor and walls being rounded. This is done so if you need to get a full body shot of a person or maybe put a big car on a white background, you will not be distracted by shadows in the hard corners that will ruin the effect of the beautiful clean white infinity look you are trying to achieve.  Renting a big white room can be a bit pricey, but crafting your own white cyclorama (or infinity wall) look can be done on any budget with a little video lighting know how.

For more information on exactly how to make your own white cyclorama or to learn more about training videos, come on over to or give us a call 615-852-5869.

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