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Sound is the most important part of creating your video. When you are watching a video, and the video is fuzzy maybe even black and white but the audio is perfect you are going to finish watching that video, because you will still understand what is going on in the film with the audio even though the video isn’t great. The second someone is watching a movie and the audio is off or it is not high quality you have to know they will turn off the video. If your sound and audio is not working properly that is why you are not getting the video views you want.Camera Sound

You could buy the nicest camera in the world, and it would not matter because audio is what you need.  Long gone is the time where we put up with bad video or audio. You can go online and purchase video camera packages which are usually very affordable. This will be able to take care of all the problems that might occur, this will also instantly get you more views on YouTube.

We are going to give you the two biggest rules that we have learned do not even think about using the microphone that is built into your camera. This is mostly to record the sounds in the room that you are recording. If you use this for an interview or a voice over it is not going to come out as professional as you want it too. If you want people to understand what you are saying and to get your point across please trust us on this one.

The answer to the probBody sound microphonelem is a body mic, which in the production world is called a lavalier microphone. There are many good thing about having a lavalier mic, you will wear this mic on your shirt less than a foot away from your mouth, which makes sense. Have you ever recorded something on a recorder and you play it back and it does not even sound like you? Well the lavaliere mic helps you with that problem. With an external microphone people will not worry about a dog barking in the background but will be focusing on you.

Get a microphone, and you are one step closer to creating an engaging video that people will want to watch and want to share. Isn’t that the point of putting a video out there, so people will understand what you need to say and what you need to get them to do next! Audio is key and audio is one of our specialties. If you need help with your next audio gig, give us a call.


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