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With the increase in video marketing seen across social media channels, there is one form of video marketing that can be forgotten: Direct Response TV. Described by Entrepreneur as “A marketing effort that encourages the target audience to respond directly to the advertiser: through the telephone, a business reply card, a coupon and so on”, DRTV requires consumers to act immediately instead of waiting for a better opportunity. 

Direct response TV NashvilleThere are two forms of direct response TV–short and long form ads. Short form DRTV is typically about two minutes and tends to end with a push to “act now”. The long form version is what most people know as an infomercial and is usually about thirty minutes and is used to educate consumers and spread product awareness.

Companies are integrating Direct Response TV into their existing marketing campaigns such as. As Seen on TV products are available on store shelves globally all over the Nashville Direct Response TV Video Companyglobe on shelves.  Most of them hit the stores after their campaign has ended or if they are on to the next steps.  

You might think of Direct Response TV when you see the ChiaPet or the Bacon Bowl but even commercials with an 800 number are considered Direct Response TV spots. If you are looking to expand your marketing plan with Direct Response TV, we would love to work with you.

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