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Should I have a video resume? What rules apply to making a video resume and assure it will be viewed. Amy shares tips for a video resume. We can help you.

Video Resume Tips

You’ve heard of video resumes but you aren’t sure if you should have one and if you do, what rules should you follow? Here are my top 3 tips for making a great video resume.

Having a paper resume is great, but what if you had a link on there with your demo reel. A demo reel can really showcase what you can do as an individual or can show what your company is capable of doing for your clients.  In the corporate world a resume is necessary to get a job, but if you are an artist or have a job that has a tangible product at the end, then showing it off with a demo reel can be a real help.  You can have all the credentials and school credits you want, but can you do the work

Demo reels can and should be short and sweet.  They are meant to show off some of your best work quickly so you can start the next conversation with them.

Knowing your audience is important.  If you are trying to get work as a wedding videographer, having a demo reel with a bunch of stuffy corporate work is not going to get you any work.  Likewise, if you are an actor trying to get a comedic role, sending a demo reel of dramatic performances is just not going to help.

Once you think you have a good demo reel, show it to some friends and get their opinion.  It is always hard to look at your own work and judge it.  Getting some friends involved will help get you some good feedback to make your reel great!

A demo reel is a short video that showcases your video editing, artistic works or skills and can help you stand out from the crowd!