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In many of the phone calls we get, people want to do their diligence on finding the right video maker or video production company for them but they don’t really know what questions they should be asking. I’ve collected a few questions and have listed them below with our answers so you can make the best decision for you and your company.

Video Production Equipment:

People want to know what equipment we have to¬†make sure we are legit. Understandable, however, I can’t even keep up with my list of assets for my insurance guy and I’m pretty sure listing out how many C-47s I have will not help you make a good decision. Sorry – industry joke. ūüėČ That being said, the real question is, ¬†“What equipment are you going to use on MY video?” That is a great question because as a video maker, we have lots of options but many of them are bracketed into pricing. All of our cameras shoot HD so you don’t have to worry about that. More than likely, we will use DSLRs to shoot your gig – we have the best¬†on the market, the Canon 5D Mark III. If you have a specific camera request, like the RED, we are happy to¬†make sure we have it available for your shoot.

Every video has it’s own lighting needs so determining the overall concept of your video and the script will determine the locations needed and the lighting that needs to go with it. For some outside action shoots, we use natural light and live in the authenticity of the scene. Sometimes you are shooting a car and it needs to be shaded and evenly lit and the reflections have to be perfect and this involves more crew and more equipment so therefore, more money. We are expert video makers and will make your video look good, no matter what your price point but there is a difference in lighting and appearance from a $5000 to a $50,000 shoot.

Finally, audio. No one ever asks about audio but it is imperative that the audio in your video be enashville video makerxcellent. We have top of the line equipment and we take great care in the audio shooting section of a gig. You might be on a roll and saying amazing things and we might stop you because the hum of a plane is also being picked up. If you are outside, you will be astounded at how the slightest breeze can completely carry away your voice. We take the time to do it and do it again so your sound is the best that it can be. Now, that being said, if you are not on a soundstage, then your audio will not be perfect. It’s impossible. Shooting in a warehouse will have a bit of echo and shooting outside might have a bit of breeze but we spend a lot of time setting up sound blankets and bringing in carpets and making sure that we are getting the best audio that we can.


Video Production Question: Video Scripting

People want to know who will be doing the scripting for their video. This is a great question for your video maker. Many video production companies have people that shoot and edit video. They do not necessarily offer full production services. WMV Productions is a video company that offers the full spectrum of video production and this includes creating everything from scripting to editing, animation and even working with your company to create a video content strategy that works with your editorial calendar and marketing plan. We are happy to work with you to create the story that you want and write the script that you need. Starting from scratch to making suggestions on your script, we can help you get your message heard and your audience motivated.

Video Production Process:

Understandably, the production process is a bit of a mystery. Aside from seeing pictures of celebs on the set, most people don’t really understand what goes into a video production of any kind. While we don’t want to give away all the¬†Hollywood magic, we do want to take¬†this potentially intimidating process and make it tolerable, maybe even enjoyable for you, your company or your clients. As video makers, we have a job to do and many times it is easy to get so focused that we¬†forget to loop everyone else into our¬†thoughts. If your budget allows it, we want to have a producer on set to¬†handle everything and everyone and narrate the day for you so you can see what all goes into shooting your video. If you choose not to be on set, not a problem. The crew will work to execute the vision that we’ve discussed in great detail so you will receive the video you are expecting. Here is a basic understanding of how the full production process timeline unfolds.

nashville video makerAfter we discuss your project, the general concept of the video and agree on the quoted price, we send you a Statement of Work for review and sign, as well as any deposit requirements so we can begin work. Next is scripting. We go back and forth until we have a final script approved. Next is storyboarding. This is where we plan out what will be happening at each point in the script. At the same time, we usually plan out the shooting schedule. Some
times this is pre-determined and we work backwards from that date. A finalized storyboard allows us to plan all the places, people and props we will need for the shoot. Then we shoot. After all the shooting is finished and the other assets are acquired (logos, style guides), it takes roughly 2 weeks to get you a video to review. Based on your feedback, revisions are made and you have a completed video!

Video Production Question: Video Price

Everyone wants to know what a video is going to cost them. This absolutely makes sense! However, it’s not that simple. The scope of the project has to be determined before we can quote it out and that can be frustrating for you when you just want a quick answer. The best way to determine your needs is a quick call – less than¬†10 minutes. We ask you some questions to figure out what you are wanting and what¬†factors need to be considered like timelines, budget, locations, and the product/service/reason for your video. We’ll also figure out what video making services you are needing as far as scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, animation, travel, hiring a spokesperson, models, there are lots of things to consider when putting together your project. We want to give you an accurate quote and we really prefer to give you a project price instead of billing out hourly rates. We don’t like to surprise people with a giant bill at the end so if we have a project budget and requests are being made outside of that – then we have the conversation over whether or not to proceed down that path. This ensures that everyone is on the same page throughout the project.

This was a long post but hopefully it is helpful in guiding you toward the right video maker or the best video production company for your needs. If you are thinking about a video and have questions on how it can help your business and how to get started give us a call and we’ll walk you through the next steps.

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