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Value of adding video is simple. People are reading less and watching more.  Convert almost all of your written messaging to video See how. It is a widely known fact that people are reading less and watching more. This can be frustrating because you spend a great deal of time working on your positioning, sales materials, and maybe even blog. To find out that people would rather watch a video is a letdown. However, that material is not wasted. You can convert almost all of your written messaging to video. It might even be easier and more affordable than you think.

convert your messages to video

convert your messages to video

Not every video has to be shot and produced by a professional. You can do much of your own casual videos and pictures for social media and internal update purposes. Where you want to think about bringing in the pros is on the high dollar pieces. Now I don’t mean the video costs high dollar, I mean the potential outcome is high dollar.

For example:

conversion rate for video to work

conversion rate for video to work

Suddenly the cost of the video doesn’t seem so daunting does it? Especially when you think of how proud you’ll be of that video and you’ll use it everywhere you can – your site, your sales deck, your fb page, your youtube channel, you’ll send it to potential clients in a newsletter. Think of the mileage your video can get!

Below you’ll see an infographic created by our friends at Animoto. I love that it really answers the question that everyone asks:

What really happens when you add a video to your website?

Everyone will be drawn to a certain stat on this infographic but the ones that really stuck out to me are the ones that I’m always asked about when in a meeting discussing a company’s corporate video strategy.

  • Improving conversion rates AND an increase in the dollar amount of the sale by adding video is incredibly exciting!
  • Increasing your email click-through rate by mentioning video means that you are actually reaching your target customer!
  • Better search placement in Google gives you a chance to be seen when people are looking!
value of video marketing infographic

value of video marketing infographic

These stats are exciting but it really is just the beginning of what happens when you create videos for your company. They will work just as hard and even more hours than any employee.

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