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When it comes to looking for a video production company, you want to choose someone who will understand and execute the vision you have for your project. To do that, you want a production company with a reputation for delivering a quality product that meets the needs of their clients. The problem is Nashville has many great video production companies, and it’s hard to know who to choose.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to choosing the team that will take your project from concept to completion. But whether your project is a short product highlight or a longer piece telling the story of your organization, you should have an idea of who can deliver what you need as your incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

We know the challenge you face when choosing the right video production company, which is why we want to count down five of our Nashville-based studios who are creating some of the best work for their clients.

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Top 5 Video Companies in Nashville

5. Cumberland Creative

Cumberland Creative is a content creation firm focused on telling clear and compelling stories. They communicate clear calls to action through video and photography. Their focus is on general business organizations with a minimum of $500 in their video production budget, and their clients include local small businesses and franchises, small to large e-commerce businesses, and larger national and international organizations.

4. Bullhorn Media

Bullhorn Media started in 2011 to meet the needs of businesses looking for high-quality videos to promote their organization and recruit top employees. They focus on middle-Tennessee corporate, non-profit, and agency clients.

3. Gamma Blast Studios

The team at Gamma Blast creates digital video content for use on TV, web, and mobile. Their goal is to work with organizations as they pivot to video-based marketing strategies. In addition to providing engaging, consumer-driven video content, they also offer marketing and campaign analytics making them a great company to make the top 5 video companies in Nashville.

2. KGV Studios

KGV Studios produces top quality videos and commercials for businesses throughout the United States. They help clients from concept through the finished product and offer assistance for online video campaigns.

1. WMV Productions

WMV Productions is committed to unleashing your brand’s potential through video. With a focus on sales and marketing videos, corporate interviews, and explainer videos, our award-winning team uses the latest in video production technology to turn your vision into reality.

WMV works relentlessly to produce clear, compelling videos that encourage our clients’ customers to take action. Our projects have successfully generated more than $100 million in capital and sales for the organizations we work with.

You have a number of great options for your video project in the Nashville area, and we thank you for making WMV Productions your first choice in the top 5 video companies in Nashville.

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