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The WMV Productions Case Studies are designed to give you a look into our production process and provide insight on how we approach a project. These studies mostly focus on Product Videos due to the NDAs we are under with most of our Corporate Video clients.

A Motion Graphics Masterpiece – Case Study: Force Glove

Kickstarter Graphics Force GloveClient: Force Glove

Taking gaming to the next level, the Force Glove allows users to have a fully interactive experience by giving them the full motion of their hands and fingers. For this project, we were approached by Go Global Consulting, and they were able to pinpoint the client’s needs and vision for the video that would be the face of their crowdfunding campaign. From there, we were able to work together to bring the futuristic and creative ideas of Force Glove to life. Working with a marketing company on any video project, helps the clients and ourselves to make sure that there is brand consistency as well as a strategic plan when a product goes to market.

The Video Project
Kickstarter Force Glove

Introducing the newest member of the WMV Video Productions team- the new mannequin hand! Available for you on your next video.

From the beginning, our biggest challenge was creating a video around a non-working prototype. After receiving the product and studying the capabilities of the Force Glove, we began to storyboard ideas. We started with the basics–we began thinking about video games and then moved on to sports, driving, sword fighting, boxing etc. Guiding our team through the process was our Creative Director whose job is to ensure that we execute at the highest creative level possible. 

With the client requesting a clean look, we made the decision to use the studio and focus on the real subject, the Force Glove. Once in the studio, we knew we wanted a modern feel with black background and a light  focused on our actor. 

One huge advantage of working with the studio is that it means extra hands on set for us. They were there to help with lighting and setting up the black backgrounds. Nashville is an emerging market for film and television, and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many talented people.

With any marketing video, our number one focus is that we showcase our client’s product, so they feel proud and excited to share it with their consumers. Our work on this project left the marketing agency and client with a video that can live long after any crowdfunding campaign. 

Client Testimonial

“Funiot (client) is 100% happy with the video and wants no changes! Great work and thanks for all of your effort.” – Ben Nicholson, Go Global Consulting



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