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Video Sizzle Reels Showcase Your Company

Sizzle Reels are a great way to highlight your company

Sizzle Reels (also commonly referred to as highlight reels, pitch videos, promo videos and demos reels) are short videos that combine pictures, videos and graphics to an engaging video that promotes a product, services or event that happened.  They commonly are paced to music to create excitement and intrigue pushing the viewer to want to learn more and engage with the company.

Create sizzle reels to quickly highlight your company.  Great for online viewing and trade-shows, special events, company awareness and more.  View examples below.

When do you use a sizzle reel?

Sizzle Reels can be used for an almost endless list of mediums.  Because of their short viewing time and large amount of information that can be included they are perfect for internal and external sales meetings, advertising, marketing and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  They are great for showing results of advertising campaigns to promote the ROI that a campaign had, visual additions to Keynote presentations or even using as a welcome video on a homepage.  If you are looking for a tool to spread brand awareness, send an update to a large email list or create a great first impression a sizzle reel is a great place to start.

Unlike many video productions, a sizzle reel can be a very cost effective solution for businesses to utilize their current media assets and stats to create something fresh that achieves a business goal or explains a topic efficiently.

Corporate Sizzle Reel Example

What is included in a Sizzle/Highlight reel?

The beginning of any Sizzle/Highlight reel is a story.  If you are highlighting a specific event or campaign, then all the pictures, video and statistics from that specific event will be put together to music to show off the event.  This could include snippets from the event and even interviews of people involved to help move the story forward.  Because most Sizzle Reels are showing a return for a business, motion graphics can easily be added to showcase any stand out numbers or statistics that made the event notable. 

Our Teams Process

When you work with our crew, at WeMakeVideos, one of our producers will work with your team to determine the goal of your video, comb through all the available footage and pictures and get any notable metrics that can be used in the video.  We will discuss the tone and goal of the video so we can craft the perfect message to meet your business needs.  Knowing your audience and matching the create tone can make or break and great Sizzle Reel.  Should it be funny? Emotional? Stat driven? Flashy?  Taking a few minutes to determine the tone of the video will do wonders for it’s affect on your final audience.

A few questions to consider before creating your next Sizzle Reel:

Who is the audience?

Where will this demo be shown?

What length would be appropriate for this video?

Should there be interviews included?

What is the tone/theme of the video

What sort of music supports the tone of the video?

What assets do we have to work with? (video/photo/stats/quotes/interviews/graphics)

Live event video production

Traditionally sizzle reels were strictly people in the creative industry such as video production, creative and marketing agencies.  But now this type of video has expanded in to many different industries such as:

• Fashion

• Beauty

• Public Relations

• Advertising

• Technology/Consumer Electronics

• Apparel

• Entertainment

• Pharmaceuticals

• Foundations

• Luxury

How to share your highlight reel…

These days sizzle reels are created and then distributed digitally across the internet.  This could be on video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo, posted as a homepage video on your site or even used for social media shares on twitter or Facebook.  Although some companies still rely on DVD’s, this medium is quickly diminishing as less and less computers come with optical drives to read them.

Once WeMakeVideos creates your video it will be uploaded to our Online Client Approval Portal, where you will be able to quickly and easily give revisions on any part of the video and have them sent straight to one of our editors to be worked on.

If you are looking to have a Sizzle, Highlight, Demo, Pitch or Promo video made for your next business venture, be sure to give us a call and see how we can create something the excites and inspires your audience.

Ready to get started on your sizzle reel? Contact Us and let’s get started.

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