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promotional video production

Promotional Video Production

Summer is finally here and we recently got to spend an entire day in the sunshine at the park shooting our latest promotional video production for a Kickstarter client. We were very excited to work with the creator of the product (we can’t tell you what it is yet, because they have not gone line!), a full cast of amazing actors and even a couple of dogs!

It’s always great when the client can travel in so they are on set for the shooting to answer questions and provide feedback throughout the shoot. While the shoot day was perfect, we did have our struggles in pre-production as our original shoot day and 10 days after were all set to be pouring rain. Ah!  Since this was an outside promotional video production shoot, we knew we had to make some changes and get it done a few days earlier. The hustle was all worth it though because the video came out great – can’t wait to share with you!

This is a great example of how, even though we are based in Nashville, we can make videos for any client around the world cost effectively.  Many people think if they need a promotional video that the video company has to be in the same town they currently live in.  Not true.  Many times we can work with you over email/phone on the script and then just hire local actors to promote your product or service anywhere!  It really works out great for small businesses that may not have a large budget to fly around a camera crew.  If are thinking about a promotional video production and want to see how much it might be, why don’t you give us a call.

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