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The team at WMV Productions has spent most of their careers working in numerous fields that have kept them crossing back and forth across the country. So, when clients are looking for Nashville video services, chances are that no matter who our client is or where they are located, someone on the team can speak their language. From fitness and food to music and gaming, we’ve covered the gamut. Most importantly, we know how to make your brand look its best because we’ve also been the ones in-front of the camera and know how important it is to be shown in your very best light.
“It doesn’t matter if she is in front of the camera or behind it, Amy always delivers professional videos that entertain and educate. I’d hire her and her team again in an instant to produce or host videos for me or any of my clients.” C.C. Chapman, Author
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We’ve spent time in New York, Los Angeles and a handful of cities in-between, so don’t let the Southern-ness fool you—we love the hustle and won’t stop until you’re perfectly presented.

Nashville Video Services

Corporate Interviews:
“Amanda and the team are such professionals and a pleasure to work with.” Ajla Grozdanic, United Nations Development Programme
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Some of the most powerful video work comes from someone sitting in front of a camera and talking about their product, company or brand. Our favorite pieces are the ones where we can break down the nervousness and anxiety and get to the raw emotion of why this whole thing matters. That’s when the laughter or even tears can come, and we do our best to make sure that your essence and passion is captured in that moment.
Corporate Interview Video Example
Sales and Marketing Videos:
“We’ve worked with WMV on several Kickstarter projects; each time they not only produced professional campaign videos, designed to be the first thing potential backers would see at the top of the page, but did so in a way that showed a deep understanding of the particular client and was designed to fit the client’s brand and vision. Because of their extensive knowledge of telling the story of a product and their impressive ability to identify and emphasize what makes each product compelling, I would recommend WMV to anyone who needs quality and consideration in their video production.” -Ben Nicholson, Early-Stage Startup Consultant  
From crowdfunding campaigns to corporate sales videos, we know that when clients are looking for national or Nashville video services that there are so many choices, but we believe that our work makes the decision clear—-we are supposed to be working with you to make your product look its best. Making a product look good is not only our specialty, but one of our favorite things to do. Whether it’s putting a product in the studio or real life situations, there is endless potential to take your brand above and beyond.
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It takes a special team to make your product stand out on screen and to your audience. Let us spend the hours storyboarding and finding the actors and locations that will take your video to the next level.
Explainer Videos:
Whether it’s a website presentation or showing your customers how your brand new application works, let us work our magic to perfectly present your product. By explaining a website or application in use, it allows your audience to envision themselves utilizing it themselves with ease. Explainer videos can be a great tool to not only educate your customers, but to also educate your own team. The search for Nashville video services can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to website presentations and screencasts, but let us take care of the details, so your customers and team only leave with this one thought, “How did we survive so long without this?”
Explainer Video Sample
It seems easy to say, “I just need to show how my website or app works”, but how many times has someone told you what seemed like a simple step by step process only to forget it an hour later? By capturing the steps in a video, you can keep it on hand for marketing or training purposes, and better yet, it can be a tool for your entire team to keep. So, let us make your next explainer video one that leaves your audience with no questions and wanting to do one or maybe two things—use or buy your product.
So, whether you’re looking for corporate interviews, sales and marketing or explainer videos when you’re searching Nashville video services, we’re here to make your video dreams a reality. To get started on your next video project, reach out to us at or 615.852.5869.