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crowdfunding_video_production_classNick and I are excited to introduce our first class at The Skillery! The topic is Creating Your Own Crowd Funding Video and will be held on 5/17/14 at The Skillery in Germantown, right here in Nashville. It will be a one day class that will cover the process of making your own video, as well as the content you will need to collect to make the video. While this class is targeted for those interested in making a video for Kickstarter or other crowd funding platforms, this class is great for anyone that is wanting to make a video for a product or service. We will teach you some pro tips that will help you use your iPhone and computer to make a video that will deliver your message. We know that not everyone can afford to hire us to make their videos when they are first starting out so we want to give you some advice, skills and a process to help you create your own at a fraction of the cost.

Join us on Saturday May 17th!

Spots are limited to sign up now for our Nashville Video Making Class: Create Your Own Crowd Funding Video!