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Are you looking for a Nashville video company to create a video for your business?  Look no further!  WMV Productionsis a full service Nashville video company that offers video production for businesses whether you are looking for a corporate video for your website or a short animation that gets people to take action.  Long gone are the years of video production companies costing tens of thousands of dollars to shoot short high quality videos.  We take a lot of pride in being completely transparent about where every dollar for your production goes.  We shoot videos all over the world and love to travel, but local folks looking for a Nashville video company get the best of both worlds – a great video at the best price. We don’t want to bang on our great pricing structure, but we understand that budget is always a factor and as a local production house we understand that while there is a time for big productions that cost a bit of cash, sometimes a simple video to go on your homepage doesn’t have to break the bank.

Take a look at some of our past work here:

What should I look for in a Nashville video company?
Since you are here, I am guessing that you are on the lookout for someone to create a video for you or your business, but who do you choose?  There are two major factors that will make sure that your video will come out great.  Past video work and the “emotional stuff”.  Let me explain:

Video Production Checklist

Nashville Video Company - Checklist

Nashville Video Company – Checklist

 1. Past Video Work

As you would do with anything you buy, you need to know that the Nashville video company you are going to go with has a good product or strong track record.  There really is no deep method to do this evaluation.  Anyone can do it!  When evaluating a video just ask yourself if it looks professional.  Did you enjoy it? Did you watch the entire thing before you got bored?  If people don’t get to the end of the video then they can never be told to “buy now” or “click here to get yours”.  Many people fail on this simple task.  Keep the video short and have a strong call to action at the end.  If you can keep people to the end of your video, then they are clearly interested in your product.  While you have their attention take that moment and ask them to take one step closer to buying, adding their email address to your mailing list or whatever your end goal is.

A recent study done by COMSCORE, a site devoted to studying websites and their traffic habits, revealed  “Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.”

It is stats like this that should get you really excited about what is about to happen.  By just getting a video on your page, it is proven that people will stay longer and be 64% more likely to buy your product or service.  Any bells going off yet?  When choosing a Nashville video company make sure that they keep their videos short and see if their work kept you engaged long enough to hear the call to action at the end of the video, otherwise why make a video in the first place?

 2. The “emotional” stuff

When choosing a Nashville video company there is of course the “can they actually make good videos” part, but the other part (which some would say is even more important) is the “emotional stuff”.  When you call the videographer you are looking for, do you feel a connection with them?  I am not saying you have to date them or anything, but whoever you decide to fork over cash to is going to be the same guy who is going to take your vision and live with it until the video is finished. Think of it like having a baby-sitter or nanny.  The company you choose is going to be there to help you write the script, set up the shots, edit the video and make sure you look the best you possibly can.  Wouldn’t you want to connect even just a little with that person?  Many videos made on the internet never leave, EVER.  That means the video you are planning on making now will live on the internet for a long, long time.  The last thing you would want to think about years down the road is how you wanted the video to be just a little different, but you just didn’t “connect” with the video production company that you worked with.  Don’t underestimate the importance of having some sort of connection with the people making your next video.  When everyone is on the same page, it makes your video pop off the page in ways you could never expect.

Did You Know?”

45.9% of US online shoppers researched products online before ultimately purchasing.

So this is just a couple thoughts on how you should choose a video production house for your next video production.  It’s not rocket science… Check out their past work and make sure that you can actually have a conversation with them and you do not feel like you are just going blindly through their video-making machine.

Want to know if WMV Productions is the Nashville video company that you are looking for?  Drop us a line and let’s have a chat to see if we are right for you

Check out some our DEMO REEL here or some of our past work here.


We believe our work should speak for itself.  Below are a few videos that have done wonders for our clients.  Most recently we created a crowdfunding video on for a product called Treeson.  It’s a great product.  We shot most of this video production in in Costa Rica and New York, but keep your eyes peeled because the “ask” in this video was shot in Nashville’s Bicentennial Park.

Looking forward to creating your next video that gets people to take action for your company!