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We recently shot another Kickstarter Video for a great company called – Bands of Clean.  This Kickstarter video was super fun to make as we needed to go all over Nashville and shoot athletes/active people using the bands in daily situations.  We went to the farmers market, different parks in town, a rock climbing wall and of course using bathrooms around town (watch the video it will make sense 🙂

We used local actors and a nimble crew to make the video, so we were able keep costs down while making an excellent video.  It is always fun shooting locally as we know our way around, but if you need a Kickstarter video and don’t live close to Tennessee give us a call as we have people all over the country to help us make videos.  Check out this great Kickstarter video:

Do you need a Kickstarter video made for your company?  Give us a call:

(615) 852-5869
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