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If you are an entrepreneur and have a great idea that you want to get to market, but need funding for your project, what options do you have? There are business loans out there, but those can be risky. You could always try and save up the money on your own. However, that could take a lot of time away from your idea or concept as you work to save the money up. Also, what if someone comes up with a similar idea and beats you to market?

Another option is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the raising of money online through donations from investors. It is not a loan that you have to pay back. Instead, you try to entice investors to donate money to your idea or concept. While it is not required, many who opt to crowdfund their idea will usually give something in return.  One example is an independent artist crowdfunds the cost of making a new album and to those who donated over a certain amount, the artist will agree to do things from send autographed merchandise to even playing a one-on-one game of basketball with the donor.

Another example is an entrepreneur who creates a new product and needs capital to produce this product on a large scale. Those who donated over a certain amount will get the product they invested in as a “thank you” for contributing. Crowdfunding has become a very popular and effective way to raise money for a variety of reasons, from charity to investing in a new product or company that has yet to hit the market. What makes crowdfunding so popular is that anyone can donate money from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet.

With websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, raising money for your business idea or product is easier than ever. Like anything that asks for people to provide support with their hard-earned money, you want to give yourself the best chance at success.

This is where a crowdfunding video production company comes into play. With a crowdfunding video production, you can get word out for your crowdfunded project in a way that is more engaging than a single image or words on a page. Crowdfunding campaigns that use video reach their crowdfunding goal 50% of the time, while those who don’t only make their goal 30% of the time. In addition, campaigns that reach their possible donors by video tend to make 115% more money than those that don’t.

Not just any video will work. Your crowdfunding video must be engaging and make viewers want to contribute to your campaign. You want to make sure you have a dedicated crowdfunding video production company behind you that understands the nuances that should go into a crowdfunding campaign video. What many fail to realize is that once you hit your crowdfunding goal, that is not the end of your story. You still need a way to get the word out about what your product or service does.

Your campaign video can also serve your overall strategy. By making an alternate ending when the campaign video is made, the video can also fit your go-to-market strategy, killing two proverbial birds with one stone. We can repurpose and reuse the original campaign video which will help you better allocate the funds raised to other aspects of your business, saving you money and getting more mileage out of your video.

It is with this kind of innovative thinking and understanding of the crowdfunding movement that we can support your campaign’s success from inception to final market introduction. By doing a crowdfunding video production with us, you get the knowledge and experience of a production company that will make investors want to donate and consumers want to buy. Feel free to reach out to us to see how we can begin meeting your crowdfunding video needs.