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Explainer Videos make difficult concepts quickly understandable

Explainer videos can save the day by doing the explaining for you.

An explainer video is a video that explains a product, service, concept or idea. While we’ll be talking about explainer videos without live action (pulling out a camera to film) in this post, you should know that explainer videos that include live action are possible to create and we do it every day.

It sounds silly to say that your buyer has to understand what you do in order to use your service or want to buy your product but it’s true! In a world of high tech gadgets, cutting edge online services and life-hacking innovations, it is possible what your business is confusing to anyone outside of your office. The goal of an explainer video is to create a video that connects with your target audience and portrays the personality of the company at the same time. The graphics, style of music and voice actor all play a piece in creating the vibe of the video. Explain Videos quickly explain difficult concepts. Explain stats, data and other concepts easily using voice over, animation.

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Some of our clients have products that are easy to understand but just love the energy and ease of using animation to walk people through their process.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we’ve used animated typography to do an explainer video that showed advanced math equations as part of a training seminar at an engineering firm. The only way to understand their topic was to display it clearly and creatively on screen.

Explainer Videos with voice-over animation or live action explain stats, data. are a popular and excellent way to explain difficult concepts quickly.

Types of explainer videos are graphic-based, animation, whiteboard style, typography or screenshots in motion. With all the style choices, we are sure to find a solution that looks and feels good to your brand.

The process of creating an explainer video starts in pre-production. We’ll sit down with you and discuss what you envision, who the audience is and what purpose the video will have. Then we’ll either create the script or review the script that you’ve created. Once we have an approved script, we move to storyboarding. Animation has an illustrated storyboard and graphic or typography-based videos have a written storyboard to help you envision what visuals will be used on screen throughout the script. When all the storyboarding is in place, we create the video!

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Elements that are utilized in an explainer video:


Voice over artists



Screen capturing


Music licensing and engineering

Motion Graphics

Sound Design

Creative Services

Project Management

Explainer videos are used for corporate communications, commercials, marketing videos, brand videos, sales and promotional videos, website videos and investor pitches because they are designed to tell a compelling story with dynamic visuals.

If you are interested in discussing the creation of your own explainer video, give us a call.