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Crowdfunding Video Services – Anywhere

We’ve made millions for our clients. Are you next?

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It takes more than just a video to get people to take notice. We want to tell your story while making people fall in love with your product.
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Recognized by Yahoo Tech as top video company for Kickstarter crowdfunding video production.

Crowdfunding Video Services – WMV Video Productions


The day that everyone remembers.  This is the day that brings all of the creative ideas, plans and people together.


This is where the visuals for your script come to life. We’ll plan the scenes, shots and graphics needed to present your project in the most compelling way.


This is where your story comes together, complete with custom graphics and licensed music.


We’ll select options for your spokesperson, actors and voice talent from our roster, as well as our partnered agencies.

Scripting Assistance

We’ll review your script and provide feedback to help you engage your audience and convey your message.


Organization is a must in a production. We’ll coordinate the people, places and props to ensure a fun and successful shoot day.

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Crowdfunding Questions?

WeMakeVideos specializes in sales and marketing videos.  Our team has crafted more than 40 crowdfunding videos and raised millions of dollars for our clients.  We take time with each of our clients to learn about their product and audience so we can best engage their viewers to take action.

Here are some common questions we receive about crowdfunding.

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How long does it take to make my video?
We deliver the final video to you no more than 3 weeks after the shoot day.  Many times faster if necessary.
Do I need a marketing plan?

You absolutely have to have a marketing plan to succeed on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform. We enjoy working with marketing teams and/or plans to ensure that all the creative is on track with your branding and promotional messaging for your target demographic.

Is there any additional costs or hidden fees?
No way! Once we discuss the budget for your project it will never go higher.  We will send you an official breakdown that says exactly what services we will be doing for you.  That way everyone is on the same page and there is no worry of hidden fees or any left out services.
Are you affiliated with Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
We are in no way affiliated with Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform.  We are a product video company that just happens to make videos for people who want to share their products or services on crowdfunding platforms.
What if I am not in Nashville?
We work with a national team of video professionals that do this type of work daily.  When it comes time to shoot, we will collaborate with our remote videographers directly, just as if our office was in your town.  There is no extra fees involved in hiring a local videographer.

Crowdfunding Client Testimonials

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Video Producer at WeMakeVideos Nashville Video Production Company

Tell me about your Video Project!

I love to talk video. Tell me your project idea and we’ll get back with you to discuss it in detail. Just have questions?  That’s okay too.  Submit them and we will do our best to get you a quick answer.

Want to speak with someone now?  Call anytime.  (615) 852-5869.  No obligation – no charge.  Your call is welcome!