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What are Corporate Video Production Services?
There are many aspects to corporate video production services that are offered to companies. Although some may only associate this service with only concept development there are other types of productions that are offered for corporate video production services. The information provided below will help in order to inform a company on what is offered through these types of production services. The corporate video production services offered can help with an array of different projects, the production company will need to be researched first to ensure that it offers these different service. Services of this type have helped to expose companies and kick start their business into the right direction.

Different Types Of Projects Offered


Corporate Video Production Interview Example

These are the different number of services that are offered by many corporate video production services but you will need to choose which production fits best for your needs. It is not necessary for you to have to choose all the services that are available as you can simply choose one type of service to be used for the video production.

Concept Development

The concept development service is what is mainly known about corporate video production services. Concept development will deal in the production team and the company coming up with ideas that they can use in order to market a product or company as a whole. This is basically the brainstorming stage for both sides to figure out the focus of the project.

Script Writing

The corporate production video team will help the company come up with a script for the video they intend to create. Regardless if it is a commercial or a video presentation, there will need to be a script to follow during the recording. The production team will be able to help the company create a script based on what their concept focus is on the project.

Scenes and Storyboards

Along with the script being written, there needs to be a story board in order to organize the scenes in the video. The scenes will allow both sides to break up each part to focus on the details of what they are creating. Our team will have expertise in this area in order to create the best storyboards for the video presentation.


Even though the video being created may be for a specific business, this does not mean the location will automatically be the business location. WeMakeVideos will pick out the best location in order to shoot the video. At times there may be a green screen that can be used in order to do the shooting of the video depending on the situation.

Sound Design

We can also will help in order to manage the sounds on the project. They will have a team that will help to ensure that the sound of the video is the best quality and can also add different sounds. If the company would like to have background music or an introduction music selection then the production team could in fact input this intothe final product.

Visual Effects

There can be visual effects placed into the  project which can be done by the production team. 3D images can also be placed into the video whether it is a whole 3D image or just a title or words that can be transformed.  The corporate video production services can also include this for your video project if needed by the company.

Pre Production

Just as any project there needs to be a rough draft, this is what the pre production will include during the video shooting. The production company will do all of the pre production to check over to ensure there are no mistakes or what needs to be improved for the production. After the pre production is finished the company will edit and make the changes in order to finish up the production. This will be the last step that will require any actors or performers for the film for after this step the video editing, graphics, music and sound design will be completed for the project.

Corporate Video Production Services Example

After The Editing

Corporate video production services will include the above services and more for the project if the services are needed by the company. After the editing is finished the production team will work on finishing the final product in order to show the company the finished product. If the company is pleased with the video project then the production team can in fact create a hard copy on DVD or any chosen format. These services can be considered as being very useful and essential in helping to promote the business through media.


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