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Corporate Video Importance – Should I have Video on my Site?

Corporate Video Importance sounds impressive but what is it? Why should you understand it? How do you incorporate? Learn more about using video to sell on your business website and the kinds of video possibilities that can wow your customers.

The title sounds important and maybe even expensive but what is it? Who can use it? Why should you have one? We’ve been making corporate videos for businesses for over a decade and here are some of the things we think you should know about corporate video and why corporate video importance can not be overstated.

Corporate video is really just a video that is made for a business… any business.

It can be a commercial, webpage video, sales video, promotional tool, demonstration or an interview of a key person. There are lots of specialty training videos and personality pieces that have been used to fit a certain industry or company. There is no limit on the purpose or creativity that can go into a business’s video.

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Corporate Video Importance – Focused Purpose of Business Videos

We usually recommend that a video only have one purpose. If you start adding too many messages, the whole thing becomes either convoluted or generic.

For example: You own a chicken farm. You want to make a video that sells your chickens. So you have to choose if you want to talk to farmers or urbanites with a couple of chickens, because the messaging will be different. A farmer will want to know about bulk pricing and different breeds for different purposes (eggs vs meat). An urban farmer will want to know about egg flavor and the cost of a couple of chickens. If you put all of that info into 1 video, one of your audiences is going to be bored for half of the video. Or worse, move on to the next one. While some of the info (like the health of your flock and the age of your chickens) might be helpful to both demographics, separating into 2 videos will allow tailored information to each party. Two short videos is almost always better than 1 long one that covers everything.

The same is true for sales videos. You can’t put every amazing product feature into the video. The idea is to explain the concept, highlight a few features and get the audience excited. (Think movie trailer.) You want them intrigued so they will call, go to your website, read more details, see your “Features” videos. You get the idea. If you name 28 things, they will be bored, confused or just not excited.

Who benefits from a corporate video?

Corporate Video Importance for any video you create should be mutually beneficial to the audience and the maker. It can be a potential buyer wanting more information or it can be an installer watching a demonstration training video. In these cases, the audience gets the info they need and the company benefits from a sale or an educated installer.  That’s the importance of corporate video.

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Corporate Video Uses:

  • brand videos
  • sales video
  • product video
  • promotional video
  • commercial
  • homepage video
  • website screencast
  • explainer videos
  • company overviews
  • company mission statement
  • investor presentation
  • social sharing
  • launch teaser
  • executive interview
  • demonstration/installation video
  • event highlight video

What kind of results have you seen with people using corporate video?

From increased sales, winning over investors, educating and motivating staff, reducing confusion around a website, installation, to just answering ‘what does your company do’ in a fun and concise way, video can bring great results. The goal is to have every video provide a worthwhile ROI and this is possible when you are working with a purpose and a plan for your content.

Where do you put a video when its complete?

You should have a content strategy and distribution plan for every piece of content you create. Why? Because great content can be one of your company’s biggest assets. You don’t want to create it, put it up on your blog and then never touch it again. You want to find ways to use it and places to distribute it so that as many people possible can see and benefit from that content’s message.

Why does my business need a corporate video or any other video?

People are reading less and watching video more, especially on their phone. You don’t want to miss out on sales or other opportunities because your competitor had a video and you didn’t.

We get so many questions about corporate video from companies big and small. I hope this post helps to clarify some of the aspects on how video can help to enhance your business. We know that the video process can seem very overwhelming but it is a step-by-step process and we’re experts at both the process and creating a fantastic final product. Whether this is your first video or your 100th, WMV Video Productions look forward to partnering with you and your team to create content that gets results.

Corporate Video Importance for business videos can't be overstated

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