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Camera Crews Nashville

Having the right Nashville camera crew, videographer or Director of Photography is imperative in achieving the goal of your production. From a one man band to a full scale production unit that can tackle even the biggest of video shoots or virtual event, WMV Productions can assemble the right camera crew for your specific need.

Our video crews have worked on music videos, corporate interviews, small business videos, sales and marketing videos, live events, broadcast television and documentary style filming.

No matter what size Nashville camera crew you decide to hire, our camera crews all are equipped with the tools and equipment they need to get the footage you need.  Every camera crew goes out in a gear/lighting truck stocked with broadcast ready equipment to handle any creative scenario they need to set up for.  Included in the gear truck are many of the ‘toys’ (as they call them) that make productions shine.  Some of these include:

Large Lazy Susan
Small Lazy Susan

Broadcast Lighting
Grip and Electric Equipment

With a growing list of videographers on our roster, our camera crews are ready to tackle your next video production with ease and a high level of professionalism.  Let our camera crews handle your next video shoot:

Sit-Down Interviews
Multi-Camera Shoots
Green Screen Shoots
Live-Action Shoots

Live Events
Live Streaming
TV Commercials
Web Commercials

What is a Nashville Camera Crew?

A Nashville camera crew (or filming crew) is a group of people hired by a video production company to record video.  This video could be for a movie, short web commercial or now-a-days it is popular for corporate or business interviews.  A filming crew can be of many sizes depending on the desired end of the recording.  As we approach 2022, it is common for one person (or a videographer) to show up on site and provide everything needed to capture the footage.  Although one videographer can technically hit record on a camera there is not a whole lot more they can bring on-site because of the amount of gear that is necessary to do even a basic lighting setup. More often these days a 2 man filming crew is sent out for a standard lighting setup with camera and audio for filming things like an interview or simple video.

I totally understand it can be confusing to try and figure out how many people you need and how much you should budget for a camera crew to come film for you in Nashville.  Below is a breakdown on the most common crew positions so when you are thinking of hiring your next video crew you understand exactly what and who you need.



Amount of crew: 1 person
Type of video shoot: Basic Filming

A videographer (cameraman, one-man band, camera operator) is one person dedicated to managing a camera for a recorded performance or interview.  A videographer is the smallest of camera crews available and often comes with nothing else but a camera, microphone and possible a very minimal lighting setup.  This type of crew member is great for capturing footage for weddings, businesses with a small budget or for consumers looking to ‘just get it recorded’.  They are also a great match if you are looking to create simple videos for social media or other mediums where quality is not as important as the message or content being provided.

Before moving on I want to note that just because a single camera man shows up does not mean the production has to be of low quality or simple.  But the quality and production value extremely sky rockets the second you add the next crew member because of the amount of lights and other specialized equipment that can be brought in and set up in the same amount of time that one cameraman can set up a camera.


2 Man Camera Crew

Amount of crew: 2 people
Type of video shoot: High-End Web Videos, Corporate Video Production

When a 2 man video crew shows up for a video production the game changes when compared to a single videographer.  With a two man crew the ability to bring in a lighting setup appropriate for a high-end web video or sit-down interview can be seen by even an untrained eye.  Although both people may have the skill to run the camera, set up the lights and possibly even manage the audio, as a team they can put together a very engaging lighting setup, or scene, in an hour that would take one person a few hours to put together.  There is of course the physical labor of making trips back and forth to the gear truck to get equipment, but also just having two sets of eyes scrutinizing every element that will end up in the camera’s frame to be recorded.

The great part about a 2 man video crew is that most lighting setups in this arena are all fairly similar.  So many many video professionals can work with each other with ease even if they have not worked with each other previously.  By using an array of industry standard terms they can work quickly while producing a quality product on demand.  So don’t be scared if you hear a crew talking to each other saying they ‘need a stinger for the Arri and a flag to be set on an apple box to block the light spill of the talent.’  Hearing this camera crew using unfamiliar words with each other just means they are both skilled at their job and are communicating at a high level to work quickly for you.


Video Crew with Producer

Amount of crew: 3+ people
Type of video shoot: High-End Web Videos, Corporate Video Production, Commercial Video Shoot

When it gets past the 2 man video crew the first thing you start to add is a project manager, commonly referred to as a video producer.  The producer usually works with the client before the shoot to plan and schedule the video shoot.  While on location they will be the contact with the client for any questions they have as well as managing the camera crew while on location.  

Having a producer work on your video is a great help and the next step in increasing the crew size.  While the cameraman are working on making sure that the talent looks great and is following the script or interview, a producer is in charge of the entire picture.  They make sure that all the conversations that happened before, during and after the shoot all come together in the final product that is delivered back to the client when the video is completed.

As you can imagine crews can get much larger as higher quality is requested.  It really all just depends on what the final deliverable is for the video and what your budget is to get the video completed is.  If you have any questions on what size nashville camera crew would be a good fit for your video production, give us a call and speak to a producer about your next project.  Our camera crews are available anywhere in Middle Tennessee. Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Green Hills and more.  We drive and have crews all around the country to give us a shout and see if we have someone near you.

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Camera crew filming a commercial
Filming during a live event at a hotel.
Cameras crew in a home filming
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