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brand video production in Nashville Tn to promote your brand

WMV Video Productions creates Brand Videos to launch, promote, enhance, and support your Brand 

Want to impress your customers. Let us build a great Brand Video. Brands that craft brand videos correctly have a great opportunity to speak directly to their customers in a very special and engaging way.  Brand videos can be anything from public service announcements to personal experiences that their viewers can relate to.  The hardest part about brand videos is to make sure to place the story first and foremost and not lean in to the temptation to just promote the brand.  Having a knowledge of your customer base really sets the stage for the tone of your video and to make sure it receives the farthest reach and viral capacity. Brand videos have become increasingly popular in the past few years.  Learn more today

Viral Branded Video Examples:

Dumb Ways to Die

This was one of the most viral hits of 2012 and definitely the most shared PSA we can find anywhere online.  As of the writing of this post it had crossed 130 MILLION views and all for a Metro Trains of Melbourne Australia PSA.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Break out the tissues for this one. Dove really hit the mark when it spoke to it’s women audience.  A great example of how a company that really understands their audience can make a video that emotionally moves and also shows “they “get it”.  With more than 67 Million views, I think they did something right.

When looking at a few outstanding brand videos you don’t have two look too far.  Creating the perfect story has led to several of these videos to reach a viral level.

The internet has brought companies brand awareness to a new level.  Companies have the opportunity to speak directly to their consumers through social media and video in a low cost and easy way.  Consumers are getting more demanding of what is required and what they expect of the products and services that they use.  Creating branded videos creates a unique relationship that shows off your company and also let’s customers know that you understand them.

video production for brands

When you work with WMV Productions, we take time to work with your team to understand your audience and goals that you want to achieve through your video.  Only then can our creative team help you concept, film and deliver the perfect video that will get your viewers to strong supporters of your company.

If you are creating a campaign to introduce the world to your brand and need some help defining exactly what that means visually, we would love to help craft your image.