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Web Video Sells Product and Tells Your Story

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Web Video Works

Web video production is one of the most popular services we offer. Whether you are rolling out a new car or a smartphone app, a web video can tell your story and be a great piece of marketing and promotion for your company. This can be as simple as using screenshots of your website, or it can be a full production where we shoot the product or people that are the stars of the video.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a web video and believe it or not, even a small family business can afford to have a video made. We can work with all levels of budget and will cater your video production to it. One of the exciting things about being in the video production world these days is that we really can create a video on every budget. This gives us an opportunity to work with every type of person and business and makes it fun for us and more experienced for you! Whether you need a commercial, a product launch, a You Tube video or website video, we can do it.


Whether promoting a new car or smartphone app, web video markets your product or story to your audience.

Learn more about how we do it. Here are a couple of different types of web video that we offer:

On Location Video Shooting:
If you are in Nashville, TN and the surrounding area, or can afford to pay travel expenses, we are happy to come to your location and shoot your facility, product and staff.  This type of production is a great way to really tell a story and even give  a ‘behind the scene’ look to your audience.

Online Video Assets:
No matter where you are in the world, if your product or service is web based, we can assemble a web video for you. Using your website, existing photos and your service or app (if applicable), we can create a video that will highlight and create excitement around your product.

We will work with you throughout the process to make sure that your vision is being created. In addition to being video producers, we are also experienced on camera talent. Which means, if your video needs an introduction or a voiceover, we can provide that service as well. There is also the option of auditioning a host or narrator for your video so don’t worry about these details – we can handle all of them.

What makes us different?
We don’t just shoot a video, we tell a story. The goal of the video is to inform, entertain, motivate or sell so we want to make happen. We will work with your extensively on ‘what is the purpose of the video’ before the shoot so that we can plan and create a story around idea. Many people will come in and shoot video, cut it together and give it to you. It might be nice but without a story, there is just something missing and the audience might not take the action you want them to.


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