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Nashville Production companiesNashville is a hub for music, healthcare and for video production!  Video Production Companies Nashville? Look No More!

Event Videos: We can load up our equipment and be at your doorstep and be ready to film your event. We will be able to sit with you beforehand to discuss everything from what color background you want, to if you need to use our B-Roll of Nashville in your videos.

Product Videos/ Promotional Videos: Whether you want to sell a product or promote your business, we have the tools you need and the people to back you to create the best of the best. We’ve been focused on product videos, commercials and promotional videos for several years and have really found a formula that works.

Have you ever heard of Kickstarter videos? We love to tell your story so let our team work with you starting with the script and ending with a video of a product or an idea that will make people want to invest in you! Let me explain Kickstarter a little more, Kickstarter is full of projects large and small, since their launch in video Production company in nashville2009, 7.8 million people have pledged $2 Billion, funding over 77 thousand projects ranging from films, games and music to art even technology. Each of these projects are individually created. Each designer (creator) has complete control over the projects, and anyone can use Kickstarter as long as they follow the rules.

See some more of our video work. Nashville Video Production, Kickstarter Videos and Corporate Video Production are made right here in Tennessee by We-Make-Videos.  Video Production Companies Nashville


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