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Promotional Videos can be called many things; they can be a marketing video or a company promotional video. Even animated explainer videos can fall under promotional videos. Most recently we talked about the tips to create your next explainer video, make sure to check it out.

When you are creating a promotional video you want to address a problem, you want to offer a solution for that problem and you want to explain why your product is the best solution for that problem. Answer the audiences’ questions before they are even asked. Think ahead and plan for it! Promotional Videos in Nashville, franklin, green hills, tennessee

If you are creating a promotional video, you want to know you are correctly delivering your message. Saying it aloud and even recording it with your phone is a great way to test out the script and see if you like how it sounds. If you are working on a specific run time for the video, make sure to say the script out loud, as if you are delivering it as a presentation to get an accurate time.

Key elements of a promotion video are that the script is clear, concise, has a solid call to action at the end and that the visuals, whether animated, typography or live action, emphasize the points of your script.


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