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Nashville Video Production Services, Nashville, TNOur Nashville based video production company works to create the perfect video for our clients. Videos grow awareness and conversions. See how we work in Nashville.  We works with Nashville businesses to create product videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, and more. Because video works!

 When you want a video produced for yourself or your company, it can be really intimidating to get started. Some people think it will be incredibly expensive and others think that it is quick and simple to pump out a polished video with great audio and graphics. While these are the extremes, we know that having a video created for you or your company is challenging and we know how to make it easier., a Nashville video production services company, caters to your needs, wants and budget. It can be tough so we pride ourselves on being here to walk you through the whole process and eliminate some of that frustration.  Our Nashville video production company would love to make a video for you.  See the steps used for successful video production. Videos can grow your business.


WeMakeVideos – Nashville Video Production Services – Steps for Success


Step 1: Getting Started

The hardest thing to do is get started and that means knowing why you want the video. It’s very easy to say, “We need a video.”, but it’s much more difficult to decide the purpose of the video. Usually you want the video to convey a thought and motivate the audience to take action. Whether it is a tutorial, a screencast, a product overview, an investor presentation, a commercial, music video or introducing your team, the goal is always to get people to DO something like buy the album, a car, invest in your idea or buy your product.

Action: Decide what purpose your video will have. and Nashville video production can help you do this.

Step 2: Priorities

Now that you know what the video should convey, we need to define your priorities. Are you on a time or budget constraint? Does this need to be web, tv or movie quality? Is this a one time video or will it be a series? You really want to nail down the big picture to make sure you get what you need and then what you want.

Action: Make a list of your priorities (budget, time, number of videos…) and Nashville video production can help you do this.

Step 3: Story Time

Now we get to create the story that the video will tell. This starts with recalling other videos that you like and brainstorming other ideas of how you can tell the story.

Example: The taste test commercial for car insurance is not how most people sell car insurance but it’s a clever idea to show how delicious or terrible the options can be. Don’t be afraid to get creative, nothing is set in stone… yet!

Action: Take note of the videos that you would love to imitate or styles and looks that you like so you can share your vision with us.

Step 4: Storyboard

Once we’ve got the idea, we will talk about the shots that we’ll need to create the vision. If you want to bring in actresses or voiceover talent or want to use your own employees, on location or in a studio, this is when we will nail down the details.

Action: Get ready to have fun and be honest about what you are thinking!

Step 5: Shoot

It’s camera time! At this stage, Nashville video production has done all the prep to make sure that the shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

Acton: We always encourage you to be on set for the shooting so you can really experience how it all comes together.

Step 6: Edit and Revisions

It’s time to move all of the footage into the edit bay and begin cutting the masterpiece. Once the video is cut and some effects have been added, you’ll have an opportunity to see the piece and request any revisions before the final effects, audio and stylizations are completed.

Action: Be available for feedback.

Step 7: Finished Product

Your video is finished. The vision and purpose that you set out will be accomplished and you’ll be ready to refer your favorite Nashville Video Production company,!

The steps listed above are to help you learn and understand how the video production process works. When you need a Nashville video production company that will take your wants, needs and budget into account, then you need the team. Whether you have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars to make your vision a reality, give us a call and we’ll find a way to make it happen.


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WMV Video Productions is Nashville’s leading and award winning Corporate Video Production House. We can and do work anywhere but if you are close to Nashville, TN?  Give us a call. We can load our gear and be at your doorstep today. We have traveled all around the world to shoot video and would love to travel for you.  WMV Video Productions For Business.  View More of Our Work for Clients!

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