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Kickstarter Videos – Crowdfunding Video  Production

Kickstarter videos  for crowdfunding success is critical for achieving investor funding. We can help you maximize results. See how WMV Video Productions does it.

Kickstarter videos for crowdfunding success is critical for achieving investor funding.

Kickstarter Videos Must Connect and Impress Investors Instantly

It’s Critical for Success. We will work with you to maximize results and would love to tell your story.  Kickstarter videos (or Crowdfunding videos) are the most important part of your arsenal in getting funding from potential investors. Let our team work with you starting with the script and ending with a video that makes people invest in you!

Our Kickstarter Services

Filming - Kickstarter

The day that everyone remembers.  This is the day that brings all of the creative ideas, plans and people together.

Storyboarding - Kickstarter

This is where the visuals for your script come to life. We’ll plan the scenes, shots and graphics needed to present your project in the most compelling way.

Editing - Kickstarter

This is where your story comes together, complete with custom graphics and licensed music.

Casting - Kickstarter

We’ll select options for your spokesperson, actors and voice talent from our roster, as well as our partnered agencies.


Scripting Assistance

We’ll review your script and provide feedback to help you engage your audience and convey your message.

Logistics - Kickstarter

Organization is a must in a production. We’ll coordinate the people, places and props to ensure a fun and successful shoot day.

Don't just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

Learn More - Creating Kickstarter Video Projects.

Getting funded is your goal and a great kickstarter video will quickly communicated your idea and share your excitement.  Let them see your dream.

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