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WeMakeVideos has evolved!

It is time to officially announce that we have changed our name from WeMakeVideos to WMV Video Productions.  Along with this change comes a whole new look and feel to our branding that we feel is more in line with our mission, skillset, and clientele.

WMV Video Productions Logo

WMV Video Productions
Award-winning sales, marketing, and promotional video productions


WMV Video Productions is a Nashville-based video production company that specializes in sales, marketing, and promotional videos for businesses all over the world.  We started our company with just a 2-person team, some cheap camera gear and a small car to lug our gear around town.  Now just a few years later, we are 6 strong with cutting-edge equipment, a huge gear truck ready to light up any size video production and a beloved client list.  As our company has matured, so has our work. We’ve always focused on making impactful videos and this is usually in the form of showcasing a company’s product, service or team. Sometimes it has a sales focus, other times, investment, marketing or fund-raising spin.

No matter what, we focus on high-quality, professionalism and having fun on set. Through our years in the industry, our videos have been responsible for raising over $100 million and those are just the numbers we KNOW about. As we move into this next evolution, we’ll continue to create purposeful content that has an impact on companies both small and large.

We love unleashing your brand’s potential!

About The Author
Amy McIntyre

Amy McIntyre

Owner / Strategy

Can’t we just be creative and make videos all day? No, someone has to actually run the company.  Thanks Amy. Every team needs a go getter. Want to know more about WMV Video Productions?  Give Amy a call anytime.

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