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Educational videos are everywhere you look. An educational video is a film or movie where the primary purpose is to teach. These types of videos can be shown in a work setting and mostly known for inside a classroom. A lot of educational videos come in a series so whether you are learning about the planets or about scientific principles there are videos for it.

educational VideoIf you are looking to create an educational video, your first course of action is to determine your audience and what you will be teaching them.

When creating an educational video you want to take a lesson from start to finish. That is going to require a lot of planning. Whether you are doing a full-out show with actors, or you are doing a video with animation or whiteboard animation, there is a lot that goes into creating great video. If you are shooting the video yourself make sure you take a look at our tips on shooing better video and what camera we think will work the best. When planning you want to make sure you know your topics, the tone of your video, how long your video is going to be and how you want people to access your video.

The things we will talk about are really going to help with your audience. Hook your viewer early, whether it is a question or a tease to what the final outcome is it is going to help you get them interested from the beginning. Make sure the viewers know exactly what they will be learning from the start. Make sure you are visually doing your lesson justice; you need to have a visual aspect. Pictures and diagrams work wonders.

If you have a recording of a boring old classroom lecture we are going to want to doctor that up a bit. You are going to want to import visuals, close-ups, or a picture. You want things that are going to makeEducational Video Production your lesson shine. If you are shooting this as a new video, you should also get extra footage of the speaker/teacher so you will have an introduction to your video and then something after the lesson as well.

Talking tone? This can make or break your video. If your video is too funny, kids and students will not take it seriously. Too boring and serious, you will have students asleep in the front row. Setting the right tone just really dependent on your topics. Humor is always a good thing you just have to decide on the type of humor and the amount.

Creating an educational video is a great idea. Creating it yourself might be a bigger task then you might want to take on. Hiring a video production company like us can keep you on track and give you the time to do what you do best, teaching!

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