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Trade Show Video Project Nashville


This is an example of a trade show video production we did for a company when they came to the Music City Center in Nashville for a trade show.  Does you company need a trade show video or display loop for your next live event?  Give us a call [email protected] OR 615-852-5869

Trade Show Video Production Script:

Why should you attend the BWI annual Expo? Whether it’s product awareness, fun, education, networking or savings associated with buying opportunities, this is THE place to be each and every year. Let’s take a look inside.

Everyone wants to save money and we have several opportunities right here at the Expo. Our most popular is the Hot Buys. This one­-hour event features savings up to 50 percent on many drive items representing all the BWI Markets.

Take a few more steps and you’ll find yourself amid the hustle and bustle of Pallet Alley. Here you will find different choices of ready­-made retail displays or pallet buys of products for all markets. But that’s not all ­ we know that every dollar counts when you’re planning your next season so make sure to be on the lookout because nearly every manufacturer has a Show Special.

If you’re looking for an opportunity for savings on your annual needs of large package items, Bulk Buys has what you need. This area offers excellent deals and discounts on the necessities foreach season. These items include fertilizer, containers, greenhouse equipment, ground cover and much more. Minimum purchase levels are low and the specials are the best they will be all year.

Each year we offer different types of educational opportunities for a diverse market customer base. Keynote speakers in the ever­-popular continuing education units, or CEU’s, alternate on specific topics each year. Another tremendous benefit of the BWI crowd is how open, helpful, sharing and friendly everyone is. If you come with questions on how and why, you will leave with the answers and so much more.

Everyone wants a return on investment and the BWI Expo will not disappoint. Just to be sure, the ultimate reward for attending is waiting for you each year. That’s right, we are talking about the electronic ordering system at the BWI Expo that computes not only your savings in purchases but your bonus bucks based on your total purchases. Most customers who take advantage of the buying opportunities at the Expo leave with enough bonus bucks to cover the cost of most of their direct expenses and many exceed that amount by a large margin. The door prizes are the icing on the cake, up to and including a new Chevrolet truck given away each year.

Want to find out more information about the vendors and products at the Expo? Make sure to check out the fall issue of Buy lines. Released in August, this EXPO issue focuses on the vendors and products that will be featured at the Expo. Buy lines, published biannually by BWI Companies, is full of marketing tools, innovative ideas to boost profits and expert advice on many topics.

The bottom line is ­ there’s no need to attend multiple events looking for the next new item when it is all under one roof at the BWI Expo. See you there!

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January 1, 2014