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Ab Blaster

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Ab Blaster Work Out Machine


The Ab Blaster is a next generation ab workout machine. If you are in to being healthy and fit,
it may be your next exercise machine.


The Ab Blaster is a workout machine designed to focus your workout on your abdominals to get the most ripped you have ever been.  The video was made for part of a sales campaign to create brand awareness and sales for the product.  When we were approached to create this video we dug deep in to the fitness industry talking to experts and watching how other companies approached selling such an innovative machine.  The work paid off as the Ab Blaster has gained much notoriety in the fitness world and has been requested by many fitness gurus to be a featured piece of equipment.

Ab Blaster Video Script (long version):

We’ve heard it again and again, our core is what makes us strong. From running and extreme sports to heavy lifting and …light lifting our core is the key factor in how fast, healthy and strong we can be.

Our parents were sweatin to the oldies. We hip-hopped with Shaun T, or was that someone else who wasn’t us(joke)

As we got older more and more technology came out that promised us bigger, better, sexier abs and stronger cores, but with at a hefty price tag and with a machine that needs it’s own parking spot in the garage.

Isn’t there a better way?

Say hello to The Ab Blaster!

The Ab Blaster cuts through all the gimmicks and large machines and allows you to get the most complete core workout you have ever had turning your everyday sit up into an Ab Blasting core workout that will challenge even the most hardcore of athletes.

This isn’t some fancy new technology promising you even more than the last new thing, actually it might look like surprisingly similar to something you have used before. The key is how it enables you to target very specific parts of your core through angular placement.

The Ab Blaster allows you to set and lock your feet in 15 degree increments to make sure you actually target every part of your core.

Most people think of ones core as one big muscle group. They think that doing tons of sit ups will sculpt their mid-section.

The term “CORE MUSCLES” is actually a term referring to a complex muscle system. Doing situps is great for your 6-pack muscles, but working the muscle underneath, the transverse abdominus, is imperative for strength, flexibility and balance. The muscles on the sides, the obliques, are targeted in a different way due to their twisting function.

All of these muscles work to keep your body aligned, balanced and strong. A stronger core means that your body can work faster and harder whether for work, play or competition.

It can also be used for post-pregnancy or injury recovery workouts. Because you can set exactly what part of your core to target, you can strengthen the part of your midsection that needs it and stay away from parts that don’t.

So what are you waiting for?  See what The Ab Blaster can do for you!



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September 8, 2017

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