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Everyone loves Saturday morning cartoons right? Animated explainer videos can be a fun way to Using Animationbring personality and energy to your company’s website or sales pitch.

There are a few reasons to use animation. If you want your video to take place in an obscure place, it can be easy to do that with animation. If we can draw it – it can happen! Elements of time and space can be pushed in a made-up world. For example: How have the children from The Simpsons never aged? Animation.

It is also possible to re-edit animation continuously by drawing new or removing a scene. We don’t recommend you plan on doing this but it does make it easier to preserve the overall project when your product or service is constantly changing. With these edits, there is normally a change in the script or voiceover and then a re-timing with the Why Animation? new visual elements.


Visual aids during a corporate presentation can be a huge win. We just did a project that resulted in a standing ovation in the middle of a board meeting – how fun! The University of Minnesota says that 43% are more likely to absorb information from a speaker or the lecture when the audience is looking at visuals.

What does all this info mean? It means that there are lots of options for using animation in your business for marketing, sales or presentations. Be creative and starting imagining what your animated video might look like.


If you’re in need of an animated video for your product or brand, reach out to us at [email protected] or 615.852.5869.

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