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Are you looking to create a clean, fresh new video? When you look at the Apple commercials, do you ever wonder how they achieve that clean, infinite white look? The answer is by shooting the commercial on a white cyclorama.

So what is a white Cyclorama/white cyc is and why would you want to use one? White Cyc Video ProductionSometimes a white cyc is called an infinity studio. We use the white cyc in a lot of our product videos when we want all eyes on the product. The use of a white cyc creates a very polished look. It helps to spotlight your product and eliminate clutter or distraction that could take those eyeballs away from your shiny object.

Another great use for a white cyc is kids. Children tend to look amazing on a simple background so a white cyc is a great way to capture them.

White Cyc Background with KidsA white cyc is a white wall and sometimes floor that has multiple lights thrown on to it. Using a white blanket or a plain white wall can be effective if you can’t dedicate a room specifically for it. In a professional environment, they use an entire room that is painted white and built into a half circle with all the corners on the floor of the walls being rounded. Rounded corners help to decrease shadows when you are shooting full body shots or if you are shooting a car on a white background. Renting these types of rooms can get a bit pricey but you can most certainly create your own white cyclorama look on a very low budget.

It is also possible to remove the white wall in post-production and place the object someplace completely different. This is similar to how a green screen works but we’ll go into those details in another post.

White cycs are very popular in product shots and commercials because of the clean look and lack of clutter and distraction from the product or talent.

If you’re thinking about your next video and how a white cyc might be the perfect option for you, reach out to us at 615.852.5869 and [email protected].

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