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Jon Pardi Dirt on My Boots Album Promotional Teaser

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The Jon Pardi Dirt on My Boots video was a social media teaser meant to promote his new album.  The video features some dramatic cinematically directed shots and a professional color grade to help enhance the look described in the lyrics.  The project was one of a series of teaser videos produced for Universal Music Group (UMG) to promote their celebrity artists.

These sort of videos are becoming more common for the performance industry, as it builds excitement about a new album or movie in a visual format, without requiring expensive celebrity actors.  As the market continues to adapt to new practices, we’ve been contacted to present creative scripting and hired to produce multiple teasers like this.

Behind the Scenes
We shot this video on a farm outside of Nashville.  The direction for the actors was meant to help sell the idea the lyrics of the song set in place, but still having the freedom to allow for some creative expression by our talented actors.  We had some fun setting up some 4x4 scrims to help keep the mid-summer sun from blowing out our actors… even if the gusty winds had other plans for our makeshift wind sails.

Using a host of filming techniques and hardware, we moved around the location filming in five different areas around the massive farm.  Even though the final deliverable was only to be 30 seconds long, we wanted that variety of locations to help sell the idea of a full day of work.  Our personal favorite shot came from the slow motion walk into the field.  Our creative director himself nailed the shot using a Ronin steadicam rig.


Behind the scenes of Jon Pardi Video Shoot
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