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Corporate Video Production Services by WMV Video Productions

nashville corporate video productionIf you have a business or work at a business, then there is a good chance that the topic of corporate video production has come up in a meeting. We are finding that more and more companies are wanting, make that NEEDING, our services to help them do business. It has actually been really interesting to see the trend grow over the years.

Video marketing is a necessity but can be really intimidating. Our video production services can help you define your needs and show you how to use them.

It uses to be that your business needed a website. Some people didn’t know why but they knew they needed a site, so they got one! Now, we are seeing the same thing with video. Sometimes companies aren’t even sure what videos they need or how they would use them, they are just ready to start using video in their marketing, advertising or educational plans. Sometimes, they need to have a video content strategy for a term or year so they are consistently putting out engaging content for their audience/customers/employees.

Video marketing is a necessity these days. Corporate Video Production can be really intimidating we know. We can help you better understand your choices. Our process is designed for someone who is new to this type of project. If you have some experience and know exactly what you want, then great, we’ll get it all lined up for you! But if you don’t know what lighting setup you want or what your script should say, then we are ready to walk you through the process and help you make good decisions so you are happy with your end product.

Corporate marketing videos are practically required these days. From investor pitches to crowd funding videos, corporate sales presentations or goofy social media marketing videos, we help our clients pinpoint the purpose of their video and then the goal of their video. We’ve also found that while sometimes a smart or cryptic video is great, most of the time, it needs to be simple. You want to make it foolproof for your audience to follow your directions to invest, pledge, buy or click and take the next action toward becoming your next loyal customer.  Video marketing is a necessity these days. Corporate Video Production can be really intimidating we know. We can help you better understand your choices.

Corporate Marketing Videos:

Corporate advertising videos are pretty self-explanatory. You need a commercial to sell your product or service. These product videos are some of our favorite projects because we get to help you take your prized project and show it off to the world. Whether you have an app, a gadget, or a service, people need to know what you have and why they need it. We work with you to make sure the tone and style match your demographic and that the message is clear for your audience and future clients to get excited about what you have to offer.

Corporate Advertising Videos:

Corporate Educational Videos are one of the fastest growing trends that we are seeing in the production world these days. Companies have figured out that people don’t want to read manuals or listen to day long orientations and seminars. The alternate in the HR world has become video. We are doing more and more on-boarding, HR policy and orientation videos for companies of all sizes. We are also doing instructional videos for both employees and customers because showing installation, cleaning and device features is so much easier when there is a visual over just a manual with some drawings. Many of our clients are now doing CEU courses with video as well. We’ve been told that the investment of the videos can be a huge time and cost saver in the long run for all the customer support and HR issues that are prevented.

Corporate Educational Videos:

Corporate animation explainer videos have also become very trendy in the last couple of years. This is such a fun way to show off your website or explain what your business does. The term animation video is used to cover a full array of types of video. Everything from moving screenshots of your website, to motion graphics and moving test to actual cartoons are handled with animation. Prices vary widely on animation so let us know what you are thinking and your budget and we’ll figure out the best production route for you.

Corporate Animation Explainer Videos:

As you can see, corporate video production has grown past just needing a commercial for tv. These days, all departments are calling us looking for ways to make their business run smoother or customer support better with videos. It is always great when the companies recognize this need and can work together to create a video content strategy for the whole company. This sounds expensive but if the cost is divided through several departments, it is actually more effective to use one production company so the branding all stays consistent.

We are the outsourced video production services department for several companies and are happy to work with you on a plan for your company. We are located in Nashville, but we enjoy traveling and have clients all over the world that we work remotely with so you could be one of those companies! Reach out to us if you are in need of a corporate video production, animation or content strategy.

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