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What is a screencast? Using screencast can help communicate or explain how to use your software or site. Read & view these screencast examples to learn more

using screencast can improve retention and use of your site and SASS

using screencast can improve retention and use of your site and SASS

Have you ever heard of a screencast ?  A screencast is a digital recoding of a computer screen, which often contains audio narration. A screencast is very much related to the term screenshot, difference being screenshots generates a single photo of a computer screen and the screencast is an actual movie that changed over time that the consumer gets off of a computer screen with sound.

Screencasts can help with people learning new computer software or can help developers show off their work to the world. It will also help student’s record videos and audio as they figure out proper ways to solve a problem. Easy way to look at a screencast is by thinking of it as an interactive whiteboard.

This goes hand and hand with instructional videos as you can use screencasts to help bring new hires up to speed with how you do certain in house documents. It can also help presenting your new web design concept to a client. This is going to help you in different aspects of your company.

Using Screencast effectively

Screencast production requires a few things; you are going to need some kind of video software and a microphone. This software can be desktop or a web-based service that captures and syncs video and audio files, and creates it into a format that can be shared on Facebook or more importantly YScreencastsouTube.

A screencast makes a huge statement without you saying a word. It is like having a virtual presenter in your back pocket at all time. You can create these as a demo video that plays while you present. This will give you the sizzle you need when selling a product. A screencast instructs, they are very entertaining and they sell! Who doesn’t want to hear that?

While screencasts can be made by anyone these days, having a professional craft a screencast or website presentation may still be the best choice for you.  While they get the point across, many companies still prefer a more polished version of their website.  Take a look at a few screencast videos we have made for our clients below and let us know if we can help you with your next screencast.

Screencast Examples from


Screencast Video Animation Example:

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