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Uscreen – the New Youtube is the new version of online video viewing like iTunes and YouTube. You do not want to miss this video viewing service.

uscreenUscreen is a fairly new video streaming brand. This product is used to stream videos on a brand new platform. This provides end-to-end solutions for streaming video and they call it Uscreen. As I have looked into Uscreen a little more it makes me think of if YouTube and iTunes got together and had babies and they named that awesome baby Uscreen!

Uscreen – The New YouTube for Online Video

This little baby as a lot of nice features, you have the security, the digital storefront and also the ability to sell different chapters and episodes. Lets break it down, if you are a client of Uscreen you are able to sell your videos that are protected with DRM and encryption giving you the top security

Uscreenyou want. At the Digital storefront you will be able to give your customers the ability to steam online or downloading it to take along with them on a personal device, iPhone, iPad even an Android…I know even Androids can use this app!

Streaming and downloading never has been easier, Apple Airplay, TVs and tablets it has never been easier to stream anything, and Uscreen is right up there with the times. Props to them!

Much like iTunes you can rent or buy your videos, but they will always be in your subscription areas just like in your iTunes Library.

They have many fitness companies that when using their services have helped the video sales have gone through the roof. They take it also a step further by saying DVDs are Done – Welcome to Online Video which we at WMV Video Productions of course agree with!

We give Uscreen 4 out of 5 rolls of film! Taking iTunes and YouTube and making a baby out of them is worth that don’t you think? Check it out…

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