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Recently, we were creating a product video for Global Travel Clothing’s new Joey Jacket. They were looking for three separate crowdfunding videos that could be integrated together for a final commercial. 

Awesome shot at The Renaissance Hotel, Bridge Bar! Something is always happening on the bridge!

One of the struggles of any production is finding the right locations. For this project, we created storylines that needed to take place in a home, outdoor cafe and airport restaurant. The airport location was going to be the one where we would have to get creative with set dressings and props. If you live in the Nashville area and have been to the Renaissance Hotel’s Bridge Bar, you know that it is well-lit space with a prime view of the city. They were kind enough to let us use the space before they opened mid-day.

After we arrived in the early morning hours, it didn’t take long to dress the set to feel Renaissance Hotel The Bridge Barlike an airport lounge. Often times, less is more when you are setting a scene—the audience will suspend their disbelief longer than you often expect. This is also when the script is essential for delivering the key message. The reason for the airport cafe was because the Joey Jacket is a travel jacket that can hold all of your belongings in over 10 water-resistant pockets. So, we wanted to show a frequent traveler putting the jacket to use.

The Renaissance Hotel was a great location to shoot this portion of the project with, and we hope to work with their team again. It’s important for us as a company to support our local venues even as the city sees a rapid and exciting growth. If you haven’t made it out to The Bridge Bar at the Renaissance Hotel for a drink, please do and tell them we sent you.

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