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Nashville Videographer

Are you looking for a videographer in Nashville or Middle Tennessee area?  WMV Productions is a full service video production company in Nashville that can handle all your videography needs.  It can be tough to choose a videographer that fits your needs.  With so many videographers to choose from how do you know which one is right for you?  There are three easy questions to ask yourself when looking for a Nashville videographer to come film your wedding, corporate event or commercial.  They are quality, budget and caring about what you do.

Nashville Videographer Checklist

1. Videographer Quality:

Although possibly the most time consuming, the easiest thing to do when choosing a videographer is to take a look at their demo reel or some of their past work.  You don’t have to be a video pro to know if you like the work that you see.  It doesn’t matter if they shoot on a super fancy expensive camera or have massive fancy equipment that they show off.  Ask yourself the real question, do you like their work?  Does it “look nice” to you?  Many production companies will scale their productions to fit the budget of their clients so the video footage may span the gamut of amazing helicopter shots to some simple green screen video.  If you like some of the work you see, it may be worth your time to contact the video production company to have a chat and see if they are a fit for you.  If you like, you can take a look at our videographer demo reel here:

2. Videographer Budget

Nashville videographer. Video Production Company in Nashville.

WMV Productions is a Nashville videographer and Video Production Company in Nashville.


Whether you are a big company or a small business budget is ALWAYS a factor.  Many people underestimate how much a video production costs.  When choosing a videographer for your production it is important to be upfront with exactly what you are expecting out of the final video.  Once you tell the videographer what you are looking for, make sure to ask them how they plan on achieving your goals.  Depending on your budget, there will be cameramen, sound guys, writers, equipment to rent…the list goes on.  Amazingly, many of these people and services are much more cost effective than you may think.  For $3000-$5000 you can get an entire room full of people and equipment for a few days to make your video pop off the screen.  If you get slammed with sticker shock of a videographer telling you your video is going to be $5000, you should ask them if there are any ways to reduce the cost, while not suffering quality.  Many times there are creative ways that a videographer can work with you on your budget to achieve your goal.

3. Does the Videographer Care About My Company/Project?

Videographers with our client after a great shoot

Videographers with our client after a great shoot


In the end, the videographer you choose is working for you for money, but that does not mean that it has to be ‘all about the money’.  Many videographers are passionate about what they do and you can hear it in their voice when they speak to you.  This is, in my opinion, the most important part of any video production.  Whatever video you want to be made has a specific purpose, to sell, to take some sort of action, to make someone feel an emotion. If when you speak with a videographer about your video and they go straight to money, you may want to think twice.  It is of course a business, but can’t it be both a business and something a bit more passionate?  You are going to be working closely for a couple weeks with whoever is going to be making your video, so you should make sure that you at the very least feel like they are listening to you and not just ‘doing their thing’.

Choosing a Nashville videographer or next video production company doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do, but to find the right fit is totally worth the time to make sure you get the video you want at the budget you can afford.  If you would like to chat with us about your next production drop us a line.  We love making videos and would love to work with you on yours.

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