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Legal video is a fast-growing area for many production companies and for small business owners. A good thing to start with is just by taping a deposition. What is a deposition you ask? Well if you want the legal jargon hlegal disposition videographer nashvilleere you go; it is the recorded examination of life witnessed under oath by oral or written question before a qualified administration. In blogger terms, it is what a witness says in court.

Now lets put the video spin on it. When you are adding video to it this could be for many things. If can be for a witness that can’t make it to court or could simply just be a video recording of a conversation that you would use in court. By using a legal video you are reducing the old school formal writing record. This is bringing courthouses to the 21st century.

This type of video is simple for a production company to do and it will look professional, which is what a lawyer is going to want to see. There is little to no post production, no voice-over narration, titles or graphics and no music. These videos are just the lawyer asking the questions, the witness and a camera man who clicks the record button. These videos are very basic but that doesn’t mean video skills go out the window. You want these to look professional right?

Thlegal-video-deposition-video company nashville brentwood-wemakevideosese are made to be legal documents and need to be done in a certain way to make sure you can use them in court. So if you are thinking that your iPhone takes great photos and videos and you want to create it on that you might want to think again. We have great cameras, and we would be able to give you great lighting. Please do it the right way, as much as I love the iPhone and for documenting a kids first steps or a funny trick its great, but I think we needs to put it away for this.

What is great about legal videos is you don’t have to have any prior legal experience to create one of these videos. There are probably a lot of ways for you do to this yourself but remember these videos are very important in the courtroom and have to be done the correct way the first time around.


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