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More and more, businesses are needing video to sell their product, communicate some big news or to communicate internally to their staffs across many locations. While clients may


creative team at table working on video creative development

Concept Development for Video

know their need, it can also be overwhelming to know where to start, how long the video should be and how to make it happen. Wherever a client is in the process, the video process begins with concept development.

It could start with some rough inspiration or an almost fully completed plan. No matter what stage our client’s idea is in, the award-winning team at WMV Productions will take it from conception to a finished video product that can be used across multiple platforms.

From storyboarding to motion graphics, the collaboration process between producers, directors, and editors is an essential piece of concept development at WMV. Whether it’s imagining how people would utilize your product or working with a marketing plan that you already have in place, we will guide you through a fully realized video plan.

From fitness and music to food and gaming, the team at WMV has worked across multiple genres. Even if it’s something new that we haven’t worked with before, chances are that we know a guy or gal who knows something about it.

Are you at the beginning, middle or even end of developing your concept? Do you need a strategic partner to make your videos dream a reality? Or maybe, you’re not even sure where to start? If this sounds like you, reach out at 615.852.5869 or [email protected]

Concept Development Video Example

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