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Understanding the difference between commercials and advertisements can be tricky! All commercials are advertisements but it is strange because not all advertisements are commercials. Many companies large and small take advertising and commercials as two different things! We are going to help you figure out the difference and what is the best one to choose.


You are flooded with commercials everyday, through television of course. Commercials usually are 10 to 60 seconds. Using this amount of time give you the ability to showcase what you need to say and give the concommercial advertising sumers the time to purchase what you are selling. There are many different kinds of commercial placement not just television. There is radio, internet, have you seen at malls and even airports the different small shops? Even that is a form of commercial. As we have talked about before infomercials are a version of commercials and advertising. According to Infomercial DRTV the typical length of this type of commercials 28 min. This specific commercial not on presents the problem but with the time they have they are able to create the solution for the product. What is nice about infomercials and commercials they usually have a call to action at the end letting the audience know there is a time to buy and how to do that exactly.


Advertisements are a form of communication they are usually made to persuade an audience. Being that commercials are advertisements, in 2016 alone there is projected to be $190 billion dollars spent on advertising alone in the United States. That is a lot of commercials! Advertising is not just commercials. There are many different tycommercials made in Nashville pes of advertisements, just like there are different types of commercials. There is different painting, web banners, shopping carts even skywriting as a form of advertising.

Commercials and advertisements are one of the same and whether you are a large or small business research your options and use your business plan to pick which is right for you. When you decide on the commercials let us know we are ready to help you! Give us a call or send us an email when you are ready to create your next video. From scripting to storyboarding we do it all.

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